Monday, July 11, 2011

Internal VS External Hair Care

This post has been on my mind for about 3 days now. I have come to the realization that so many women don't recognize the correlation between what they put into their bodies and the health of their hair. I was on Nappturality the other day and I skimmed through so many questions that read something like " hair is so brittle and dry, I use a moisturizer and ___________ shampoo and conditioner....what am I doing wrong?" and then I scroll down to look at the answers and nearly every response was something like "Girl use ________ shampoo and _______ moisturizer and then tie your hair up at night..." etc, etc. Not one response mentioned anything diet related. No one seemed to notice the relationship between interior and exterior health. I was the same way a few years back when all I drank was soda and ate junk food and then wondered why my hair was so unhealthy and my skin was breaking out, but then I learned that it takes much more than a good hair regime or x shampoo and x conditioner to keep it healthy.

I am not at all saying that external hair care is obsolete and one should only focus on diet because without proper maintenance, the hair would not flourish no matter how great your diet is. Internal hair care and external hair care go hand in hand. I wanted to address this because I want more women to start paying attention to their DIET. If your hair is breaking off no matter how well you care for it, then it's most likely your diet that needs improvement. I am not perfect but everyday I strive to be more mindful of my body as a whole from the inside out. I hope that one person will benefit from this post and may we all have beautiful, healthy growing hair from this point on! :-)

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