Sunday, September 4, 2011

I just came to say hello...

I decided it was time to breathe some life back into this blog after a short hiatus. I've recently had to switch jobs so now I feel a bit more settled in and am making much more hours every week which is great :-)

I got my nose pierced!!! 

I love it. I was really scared of what it would feel like but after many years of contemplation I bit the bullet and did it. In all honesty, piercing my ears hurt worst. I wish I would have done it sooner lol...

My hair is a different post :( My locs have been super dry lately due to washing them all the time in hard water. Summer makes my scalp feel horrible so I've been washing 2-3 times a week which causes my SD to flare and then I just keep washing with Tgel. It's such a nasty cycle that I can't seem to break. I'm not noticing any major growth at all and it's been shedding a lot. Some need to be combined in the back because they are starting to thin out. In short: MY HAIR IS A HOT MESS. I am going to make time very soon to go to a salon and get it repaired.

Does anyone know of any good loc salons in NC??


  1. Nice to see you back! Sounds like a trip to the salon may be helpful.

  2. Taji Shabu Salon on Millbrook street: