Saturday, April 9, 2011

Product Junkie: To be or not to be?

I was watching some of my favorite loc channels on youtube and I came across Tbey82's video in which she talked about simplifying her routine down to only 3 products. I am not at all a self proclaimed junkie but I thought the idea was fabulous! Right now, I use about 5 products on my hair all together and only 2 that I use daily which is my sage/distilled water spritz and my Aveeno leave-in conditioner. Tbey82 only uses oil aside from her shampoo and conditioner. I know of women out there that use as many products as the both of us combined whether the hair be loose or locked.

  I have been hearing that the less you do to your locs, the better they will be and this was coming from people with glorious crowns of hair. Lately I haven't been messing in them so much and they look beautiful which also leads me to believe that locs just want to be left alone sometimes. If you are reading this and smiling because you're a product junkie or you have the hand-in-hair syndrome, let me know about it in the comments :-P

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  1. Definitely have the potential to be a PJ but holding back :) I am struggling with hand-in-the-hair syndrome at night. Glad to hear your locs are responding positively to being left alone!