Friday, April 29, 2011

My Loc Anniversary is coming up!!!!!

Yayyy!!!! :-) You guys can't imagine how foolish I felt the other day when I realized that my locs are nearly a year old and I've been telling everyone that I'm only 7 months in. lol. I have no idea where I got that from but I was very happy to come to the realization that my Loc Anniversary is right around the corner! I remember the first day I got them, they were just little babies *tear* haha! Now they look so developed and I am so proud of them. My loc birth date is June 7th and that's only month away! I keep thinking that I am supposed to do something special for them (do I sound crazy?) because I see other people making photo albums and videos. I would really love to go to Loc Star in Charlotte, NC and get a nice treatment but with the move, I won't be able to afford it :( I may just end up taking comparison shots and posting them here for you guys to see and me to look back on. I took a couple of pictures from my retwist which was earlier this week:

I can't believe how much they have matured! :-) Well, I need to continue sorting through things and packing so I will end this here. I hope anyone who is reading is having or had a wonderful day. <3