Saturday, March 12, 2011


I wanted to show you guys a few pictures of my loc style from March 08. Sometimes I wake up and I get inspired to do cute things to my hair. I do a ton of different styles that I come up with through experimenting so I will start taking pictures and posting them here for any one with short locs who is wanting to try something new!

Loc Update: I've been so occupied with school work and relationships that I have not been eating right or taking very good care of my hair for the past week and a half or so. I feel bad about it and I can see the difference in my hair already. I plan to get my next retwist done at a salon along with a deep condition. This just goes to show that you have to stay on top of things even as a natural! :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing the style! Hope life slows down a little for you.

  2. Your hair looks pretty! I don't see short locs when I look at your hair though. I think you've surpassed that. lol.