Thursday, February 3, 2011

Product Review: Nizoral Shampoo + JML Locking Gel!

I suffer from Sebhorreic Dermatitis, that's no secret. I am very honest about it and am consistently trying to find ways to battle the condition on my scalp without harming my hair. A few days ago, I began using Nizoral Non-Prescription Strength Shampoo which is specifically made to treat Psoriasis and Sebhorreic Dermatitis. It contains 1% Ketoconazole which is supposed to kill the fungus that causes dandruff as opposed to Salicylic acid which acts as a peeling agent to encourage the growth of new skin cells on the scalp. I have used Head & Shoulders, Selsun Blue and Neutrogena T-Gel shampoos. They did not work for me and the Head & Shoulders actually irritated my scalp. I decided it was time to give Nizoral a turn!

It has a very pleasant odor and it's actually blue in color just like the bottle. Although the instructions did not read that it should be left on the scalp for a certain period of time before being rinsed away like many other dandruff shampoos, I decided to do it anyway. I left it on for about 2 minutes until I felt a mild burning sensation on my scalp. I rinsed it out and was surprised to see that most of my dandruff was eliminated from my scalp as well as my locs which could have been partially due to the AVC rinse. My scalp felt very clean and it did not dry out my hair at all, However, over the next few days I could literally see and feel the dandruff coming back. I give this product 2 out of 5 stars. With that, I must add that the instructions read to use every 3-4 days for 8 weeks so I will continue to use it for at least a month and report back with the results.

On to the next one....

I wanted to try a new gel on my hair so I chose the Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Gel, not only because everyone and  their entire family seems to use this product line :) but because I've heard so many great things about it. I came across a picture of a woman with the most gorgeous set of locs and she told me that she uses this and that it doesn't cause build up. I had to try it.

I can honestly say that I like this gel. The only thing I was turned off by was the color. From what I've heard, the darker the gel, the more build up it leaves behind but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. One of the ingredients that caught my eye was the Lime Extract. I've done research on essential oils and lime has bactericidal properties which is known to tame dandruff. The gel has a very pleasant tropical odor and a little goes a long way. Once dried, my hair felt soft and healthy. It didn't leave that hard, crusty feel that I am used to with salon retwists. The hold is not the best but it made my hair look, move and feel very natural. I give this product 3.5 out of 5 stars. I would HIGHLY recommend this if you are looking for a more natural look rather than a perfect, every-hair-in-it's-place, salon retwist.


  1. Good review on the two products... I just started my locs a week ago and I use jml locking gel also. I must say the smell is so good.

  2. The JML my loctician uses. So, I bought it and tried the one time I did a re-loc on my own. I agree with your comments about the smell and the hold. I kinda felt it would have held better though. But it does help for the 'when I need to do this @ home' days.
    If you can, try the JML Sproil (spray oil). I started it a week ago. So far, it does what it says! *SMILE*

  3. I have the same condition and i have locs too. when nizoral was an rx it worked well for me. i stopped using it because i thought the sd was gone. when i started having problems again (even on my face) i was prescribed 2% ketaconozole shampoo. works great and i use it with my shampoo. now i dont have any issues with my scalp when i use other products in my hair.

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