Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DIY:1st Retwist!

So I finally gave in and twisted my own locs. I was so afraid for a really long time just because I have a LOT of hair and I didn't want to lose my parts after washing. I had to be quite meticulous here so I picked up all of my supplies at my local beauty supply and I laid them all out perfectly in order from what would be used first to last and then I got to work. Since this was my first time I made sure to section and use rubber bands for the wash. Supplies included:
  • Rubber bands
  • Nizoral shampoo(review next post!)
  • Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Gel (review next post!)
  • Spray Bottle filled with AVC rinse (10 parts water:1 part AVC)
  • Duck clips....a lot of them :-)

I proceeded to spritz my hair with the AVC mixture and covered with a plastic cap and left on for 30 minutes. When I took the cap off, the dandruff seemed to have loosened from my scalp and my hair felt very soft. I washed with Nizoral and left it on my scalp for about 2 minutes.

I rinsed and used the JML + duck clips to secure it. Not as bad as I thought it would be. The parts really kept well since I used the rubber bands so I had no trouble whatsoever finding my parts. I was relieved!

The end result: TA DA!

I was happy to know that I could do my own hair without distaster being the end result but I was a little put off by the puffiness so I  immediately took to the forums. My girls on Nappturality.com told me not to worry though and assured me that the puffiness is normal around this time. Once my hair locks, it will condense and the puffiness will go away. Thanks girls!

 Knowing that I can do my own hair is such a rewarding thing. I can save money and be the only set of hands to touch my hair. I can do it from the comfort of my own home! I don't have to wait on unprofessional hairdressers! No more worrying about canceled appointments! This is the ultimate freedom for me. I am loving it so far.


  1. Your retwist came out awesome! Your locs look very similar to mine. I love them! Looking forward to following your journey!

    - Cheri


  2. Hey, I saw your loc interview on Kim's blog. Keep your locs going! They really suit you. And don't be afraid to experiment. I wish I could have seen them in their infancy as you said they were from around Summer 2010. Do you have any photos you might be able to blog as well for inspiration for people like me who are freshly starting out?

    Enjoy and keep posting, girl!

    Oh and feel free to visit my blog.

  3. Your hair looks good. I think you did a great job.

  4. @ Naturaleza: I love your comment, it feels so good to know that you can find inspiration from my photos. That seems like a good idea for an upcoming post. I will definitely do that. Thanks!

  5. Great job the retwist. I just did the DIY last week and it wasn't all that bad. Your locs are looking good!

    - kareen