Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life & Diet Update! + Today's Hair

Beans for my Vegetarian Chili simmering in the kitchen next to me....Mmmm. The veggie life is goood, ya'll need to get into this :-P !  My life has been going 100 mph lately and I haven't had a chance to stop until this weekend. I finally had Saturday and today off to relax but I still had so many errands to run that it feels like I'm still working! I'm currently in the training phase for my new job so I have to study from the handbook they gave me :-( So much to do, so little time...

Today I got a chance to go grocery shopping at Whole Foods....Let me tell you guys, I LOVE where I live....It's such a prime location, I can literally walk everywhere. I have grocery stores, a bank, a post office, restaurants, clothing stores, a university, bars, public transportation....all within walking distance!

Anywhoo, here is a photo of my tiny haul:

Check out the coke in the back....Don't look at me like that! Nobody is perfect! :-P It's hard to see, but I got peaches, nectarines, organic bananas, quinoa, whole wheat pita bread, black eyed peas(to put in veggie chili!), almond milk (lactose intolerant..wahh), organic chili seasoning packet, twizzlers (not shown, lol) and english muffins (walmart). This food along with previously brought onions, peppers, avocados and brown rice will make up  my meals for the rest of this week hopefully. I have to spend consciously or else I will end up going overboard because I always do! 

Vegetarian Chili (It was delicious...Organic red peppers are surprisingly sweet.)

I've been eating pretty healthy and exercising lately. I eat avocados almost everyday...they are good for you and contain healthy oils + the perfect amount of healthy fats. About a cup of avocado gives you 3g of protein as well. I don't eat it plain but i put it on top of brown rice and i also eat it in sandwiches; It's  so creamy and delicious....Mmmm :-) Being a Veg has not been difficult at all. I know that my diet is nowhere near perfect and I have a loooooonnnggggg way to go but I realize how food affects my body and when I put good things in, I see good results. So many people don't see the correlation between how they feel/look and what they eat....not how much they eat, but WHAT they eat. A few years ago, I thought that eating low calorie foods or adding tomatoes to my hamburgers was essential to a great diet and I was so proud of myself too, Lol. I've come a long way in my food journey.

As far as my hair, It seems to have hit a plateau in growth. I haven't noticed any dramatic growth at all lately and honestly I have been neglecting it because I feel I have no control over it at the moment. I work all the time and when I'm not working, I'm sleeping or I'm out running errands. When I do get free time, I haven't been spending it on my hair. I wash it and I let it free or plat it into a neat style for work. I just let the roots grow out and I occasionally separate or 'pop' them so that the roots don't merge.  Here is how my hair looks today:

For anyone with adult locs, is this a common phase to not be as interested in maintaining your hair once you get past a year?


  1. Your hair is gorgeous... You are a Natural Beauty! Would love to feature you on my blog - Email me at Thanks! ~ Karen

  2. Yes, it is common. Also, is seems the more the locks mature, the less frizzy and unkempt they look. I unfortunately, after 3 years of locking, cannot wash and go, if I want to keep my job :) I have "soft" hair and it takes a long time for my new growth to lock. At the current time, I have locks that I can get 4 fingers in the new growth. Go figure. You're locks are beautiful! I wish I had the type of job that I could wash and go.