Friday, January 28, 2011

My Locs

This will be a hair blog. After much thought, I decided that this wasn't the place for a personal blog and since I love my hair and am in the process of trying new products, I figured why not talk about that! The title doesn't quite go now, but I'm not changing it.  I was previously at livejournal but it just wasn't working for me so I moved. Empty Locket will be all about my hair happenings!

A little bit about my hair: I have locs. They were born on June 7th, 2010 at a little shop in Atlanta, GA called Deeply Rooted. It was something that I had been considering for a while but had such a misunderstanding of that I would always find an excuse to not go through with it. A couple of my misconceptions included locs being upwards of $400 to start, not being able to EVER wash your hair and them being big and stiff. It wasn't until after a coworker had suggested I get locs just out of the blue one day when I had really decided to start doing my research. I found out that locs don't cost hundreds of dollars to start unless you're thinking maybe...Sister Locs, that you can wash your hair as much as you want (In fact it's even better for the locking process) and that your locs can be any size you want them to be and not stiff at all if you take care of them. I fell in love with all of my discoverings and all of the freshly palm rolled pictures I saw, I also became a youtube junkie watching tons of loc maintenence/newbie videos. I knew I wanted to do it and I knew exactly how I wanted my hair to look. So I decided to travel 4 hours to Atlanta for the birth of my locs. I was originally going to go to Loc Star in North Carolina but had decided that Atlanta would be more convenient. 7 months later, here I am. Hand in hair symdrome. Trying to stop. Working diligently to cure my flaky, nasty seb derm issue, struggling to afford my bi-weekly maintenences and all the while still LOVING my journey to beautiful, healthy locs!

What to expect: Product reviews, experiences, tips that I find helpful, diet & nutrition, hair progress pics and updates and more. I know that there won't be a ton of people coming across this page but if one person can relate to me and find this to be helpful then I can go to sleep happy :)


  1. I started my locs in June 2010 too & oddly enough had my bc done at Deeply Rooted lol Some days are rough,but it's definitely worth it ^_^ Btw, wearing head wraps/hats helps with the hand in hair problem =)

  2. That sounds like a great idea! Thank you :)